Hustle While You Wait

I don’t know when I first heard this statement, “Hustle while you wait”. It was in college or sometime in my early twenties. It was already something that I had put into practice. I called it don’t waste time. I carried a book and note cards with me everywhere I went, so that I could read or memorize something. I started doing this as a teen because in military life there was a lot of waiting. Get to the docs and wait for your appointment. Get to school and wait for class to start. Wait for the bus to base and for the one home. Wait for friends to arrive or my mom to pick me up.

I learned then that I could use my time more wisely when I had the right tools with me. It is now 0123 and I am working on a blog post because I couldn’t sleep. I have been on FB and Twitter seeing what is going on in the world and checking in with friends and getting updates. I have ideas that I just have to take time to capture so that I can work on them and make them a reality. Sometimes it is as simply as what I will talk about tomorrow morning … I mean this morning in my Morning Motivational video I do live on Facebook. Another time, it is a task that I need to complete sooner than later or a friend that I should reach out to and check in on.

There are a few times when I chose not practice this concept and that is mostly during family time. Family time is precious and much more limited as the boys grow and get into other activities and they start going their separate ways.

I still practice this habit whenever I have some “down time” between other tasks. I keep a pretty full set of apps on my phone since that is where I do 90% of my communication and work these days. My wife once commented on the number of apps on my phone and I was honestly able to answer. Stating that I use the all about once every two weeks or so. Admittedly, there are a few that don’t get opened up very much because they are specialized. I keep them around for that one time I need it.

The point I am trying to make is that we can fill our time more effectively if we have our tools on hand. Many artists carry around a sketchbook so that they can capture an idea when it comes. Whatever work you do and no matter what your field you are in; it would behove you to have those tools to make use of what otherwise would be wasted time.

iron wil

A Bite of History

My oldest loves history, so when our church announced the new temple open house in Philadelphia. We say it as an opportunity to see the new temple and take in some US history. My wife and I then planned a 2 day trip to Philly. We started to look forward to the experience and our boys started to get excited and talk about it. We made our plans and booked a hotel.

The temple was a wonderful experience and both our boys found it very interesting. We enjoyed seeing the liberty bell and Independence Hall; we took the big bus tour the around the city several times and really enjoyed the history of the city we got to see! It was a beautiful opportunity to reaffirm our boys belief and love of our country. They asked questions and my oldest was even able to tell us some things he has learned from school and from his reading.

The time we spent in Philly was not sufficient to really get into all the fun and the many different activities available to us. So a return trip is planned and I have a feeling it will include many more of the historical sites and events!

It is important that we connect with our nations history! The study of our founders and the events leading up to the Revolution and the Constitution really show how blessed we are to have the nation we have today! No other nation has done or come close to what was born here on this continent 240 years ago! I would invite each and every one of us to study American History by reading and watching the material published … from both sides. We also need to approach this with an open mind and then spend the time learning the truth. Yes, I am even saying that I need to have an open mind.

iron wil


In business and personal life each person uses some form of motivation to pursue their goals. Last week I had one of those moments and it ties back to my Failed Job Interview post. I live and work to provide for my wife and kids.

It was a typical morning with Face getting up shortly after me. We made breakfast and as each of the other boys got up, I helped them get things in order for school and feed. I finished my own preparations and kissed my wife good bye.

I got my sunglasses, keys, and started to open the front door. Face came running and yelling, “Daddy don’t go! Don’t go!” “Daddy don’t go! Don’t go!” He started crying and gave me a big hug.

“Please stay home and play with me?!?”

“Oh, my boy, I wish I could, I have to go to work so that we can have food and clothes, and so that we have a place to live.” “Face, I want you to know that I am working on my own business so that I can stay home with you and we can do fun things together.” I will admit that this has happened more than once and this last time it almost brought me to tears. I drove to work thinking about what I am doing and WHY I am building my own business.

I love my family … my wife and boys, her parents and siblings and my own. I have long dreamed of working for myself and building a business that provides the freedom and income to change our lives.

Why do you go to work? What’s your motivation?

iron wil

A Failed Job Interview

Many years ago I was between jobs and interviewing with a firm that provides technical support for its clients. In the interview, I was asked what I would do if money wasn’t an issue and I could do whatever I wanted. I answered that I would be a father and spend time with my boys and raise them to be men. I knew right then and there that in the interviewers eyes, I had failed the interview. His face fell and he said that most interviewers answer that they would still be system admins and network engineers. I thanked him for his time and walked away. He provided the standard, we will let you know.

As I drove home from that interview, I realized that while I would not be getting that job. I had still given the right answer. I also realized that my commitment to my family would mean that I would be dedicated to any company, that treated me well, because I wanted to provide for my wife and children. I spent most of my ride home thinking about my life and what happened in the interview. I realized that as a christian, I had answered true to myself and my God.

I remembered that as a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a father because I thought that my dad was such an awesome dad. (Full Disclosure: Like most teens I felt differently and then as an adult; I realized how lucky I was!) I held a deep desire to be that kind of dad, loving and playful. Willing to get down on the floor and wrestle and horse around with my kids. To have tickle fights and play games. I will admit that my personality makes this hard sometimes. Some days it is a struggle for me to want to be active in my kids life and to play with them. It is a constant effort to share and love on them. My wife is really great at this and she does a great job in helping me to get past myself. I have high hopes that one day my kids will want to be fathers, in part, because I was a good dad to them.

While I failed that job interview, the job that is still most important to me is husband and father. I pray that when I kneel before my Lord and Maker, I will pass that interview and hear these most desired words … “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

iron wil