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A Failed Job Interview

Many years ago I was between jobs and interviewing with a firm that provides technical support for its clients. In the interview, I was asked what I would do if money wasn’t an issue and I could do whatever I wanted. I answered that I would be a father and spend time with my boys and raise them to be men. I knew right then and there that in the interviewers eyes, I had failed the interview. His face fell and he said that most interviewers answer that they would still be system admins and network engineers. I thanked him for his time and walked away. He provided the standard, we will let you know.

As I drove home from that interview, I realized that while I would not be getting that job. I had still given the right answer. I also realized that my commitment to my family would mean that I would be dedicated to any company, that treated me well, because I wanted to provide for my wife and children. I spent most of my ride home thinking about my life and what happened in the interview. I realized that as a christian, I had answered true to myself and my God.

I remembered that as a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a father because I thought that my dad was such an awesome dad. (Full Disclosure: Like most teens I felt differently and then as an adult; I realized how lucky I was!) I held a deep desire to be that kind of dad, loving and playful. Willing to get down on the floor and wrestle and horse around with my kids. To have tickle fights and play games. I will admit that my personality makes this hard sometimes. Some days it is a struggle for me to want to be active in my kids life and to play with them. It is a constant effort to share and love on them. My wife is really great at this and she does a great job in helping me to get past myself. I have high hopes that one day my kids will want to be fathers, in part, because I was a good dad to them.

While I failed that job interview, the job that is still most important to me is husband and father. I pray that when I kneel before my Lord and Maker, I will pass that interview and hear these most desired words … “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

iron wil