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Wilson, Rituals

I listen to Rich Dad Radio Show each week and a few weeks ago … the August 20th, 2016 episode titled “Find Meaning, Find Success”; is an interview with JW Wilson about the affects of formal education on the mind. What stood out to me the most was this statement made by Mr. Wilson.

Rituals let your biology know you are serious about a commitment; then your body relaxes into the commitment.” – JW Wilson

It hit home with me because it is true and because I have put this into practice most of my life without realizing that this applied. I stood in front of quotes for years reading them and making them a very real part of me. I can look back to my college days, when I read my collected quotes daily as part of my morning ritual. It allowed me to make them a part of me. As the biblical saying goes, “it is written on your heart”. When you learn, study, and work on some commitment you make; you have to internalize it. When you add it to your routines (i.e. rituals), your body knows that you are serious. Your mind knows that you are serious.

You then begin to change and develop the personal tools that you need to move into your new commitment. When we look at how often New Year’s Resolutions fail … we can see the lack of commitment and changes to personal rituals that will empower the individual and assist them in making those changes permanent.

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Team Never Quit

If you couldn’t tell, I am a fan of determination and perseverance. The Team Never Quit Podcast is a place of great stories and examples of these 2 qualities. Check out the podcast and the website. TNQ is hosted by David Rutherford and Marcus Luttrell with interviews with some well and less well known people. They have 5 episodes right now, an intro and 4 interviews!

Go Now!

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A Failed Job Interview

Many years ago I was between jobs and interviewing with a firm that provides technical support for its clients. In the interview, I was asked what I would do if money wasn’t an issue and I could do whatever I wanted. I answered that I would be a father and spend time with my boys and raise them to be men. I knew right then and there that in the interviewers eyes, I had failed the interview. His face fell and he said that most interviewers answer that they would still be system admins and network engineers. I thanked him for his time and walked away. He provided the standard, we will let you know.

As I drove home from that interview, I realized that while I would not be getting that job. I had still given the right answer. I also realized that my commitment to my family would mean that I would be dedicated to any company, that treated me well, because I wanted to provide for my wife and children. I spent most of my ride home thinking about my life and what happened in the interview. I realized that as a christian, I had answered true to myself and my God.

I remembered that as a kid, I wanted to grow up and be a father because I thought that my dad was such an awesome dad. (Full Disclosure: Like most teens I felt differently and then as an adult; I realized how lucky I was!) I held a deep desire to be that kind of dad, loving and playful. Willing to get down on the floor and wrestle and horse around with my kids. To have tickle fights and play games. I will admit that my personality makes this hard sometimes. Some days it is a struggle for me to want to be active in my kids life and to play with them. It is a constant effort to share and love on them. My wife is really great at this and she does a great job in helping me to get past myself. I have high hopes that one day my kids will want to be fathers, in part, because I was a good dad to them.

While I failed that job interview, the job that is still most important to me is husband and father. I pray that when I kneel before my Lord and Maker, I will pass that interview and hear these most desired words … “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

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Where’s the Brand?!?

I was reading in Wired this morning about Mr. Kutcher, yes – Ashton Kutcher, and his work with UStream and his own company Katalyst Media.  As some of you may know he is a huge Twitter user and has over 4 million followers.  He was interviewed by Scott Brown in Don’t Laugh: Ashton Kutcher Is The Future of Video.  I can’t say that the article was very insightful except for one comment, “The consumer is the brand“.

Now this is the correct concept when it comes to reaching the consumer and ‘selling’ products to them.  It can also be called smart advertising, Leo Laporte “gets this” concept which can be seen by the growth of the network that he has built over the last several years.  Those, like myself, that listen to TWiT network shows understand the content and are not blind buyers.  We are people that research and look into products that we purchase.  Leo said once in a talk that advertisers are seeing real returns from those that listen [& now watch] shows on the TWiT network.  I am an Audible subscriber now because I love to read, but I have a long commute (sometimes) during the week and my physical book reading time is reduced to nill.  Now, I read books while driving or taking the train.  It has allowed me to read Tarzan, Free, and John Adams in the last few months.

There are other products that I have been made aware of via the NetCasts from TWiT because they covered and talked about, not because they were a sponsor of the shows.  I am not interested in everything mentioned on the shows I listen to; however, I do spend time on the pages of the products mentioned so that I can get a better understanding of them and become more informed about that product.

So, the Brand is the Consumer, the products that we use and consume key to us for a reason, they resonate with our culture or our needs.  They maybe something that we are already using; like on TWiT’s book pick section of the Audible ad it extends our awareness of something that we maybe interested in.  I have picked up Free: The Future of a Radical Price, Ringworld, John Adams, and The World is Flat from listening to Audible ads in the NetCasts.  These books are not something that I would have picked up on my own.

What the future holds will be in show ad placement and ads that reflect the audience you are trying to reach.  The days of TV commercial ads are going out and companies will have to be able to adapt to the changing consumer.  Smart, engaging, and doing research on the things they may want to purchase.  That is social media and that is the future.

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