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Mother, Mom, Mama. No other name brings the same response, a feeling of love and even an overflowing of emotion. Mothers are the cornerstone of the home; they are the one constant that many children have in the home. Traditionally, mothers are the first teachers children have and even today this is primarily the case. Women naturally are nurturers and this can be seen in the way they interact with their children; heck, the way women interact with others people is typically much more considerate and compassionate.

They teach fairness, care for others, love of God and country. They also teach us how to care for ourselves and our homes. I can cook, clean, and mend because of my mother. I can teach others and share experiences with my sons because of my mother. Mothers are and should be a grounding force in the lives of their children; teaching them right from wrong and negotiation skills to work out disputes with others. A Mother’s kiss is the first healing balm and her voice the first and sweetest sound a child hears. I know that when I am dealing with certain trials, my mothers voice is the sweetest sound. A Mother’s hug can also be the most secure and safe place for a child … or an adult struck with grief.

I know that when I see my mother again after years of being apart, my eyes water and I cry with gratitude. She has been great, she has guided me and been my counselor for years. My wife is a great mother, she is caring and compassionate with our boys. She makes home life much richer and better. I can’t image life without her. Our boys sure do miss her when we are gone or when she takes a needed break for all the testosterone.

Truly, a virtuous woman is a jewel.

iron wil