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In business and personal life each person uses some form of motivation to pursue their goals. Last week I had one of those moments and it ties back to my Failed Job Interview post. I live and work to provide for my wife and kids.

It was a typical morning with Face getting up shortly after me. We made breakfast and as each of the other boys got up, I helped them get things in order for school and feed. I finished my own preparations and kissed my wife good bye.

I got my sunglasses, keys, and started to open the front door. Face came running and yelling, “Daddy don’t go! Don’t go!” “Daddy don’t go! Don’t go!” He started crying and gave me a big hug.

“Please stay home and play with me?!?”

“Oh, my boy, I wish I could, I have to go to work so that we can have food and clothes, and so that we have a place to live.” “Face, I want you to know that I am working on my own business so that I can stay home with you and we can do fun things together.” I will admit that this has happened more than once and this last time it almost brought me to tears. I drove to work thinking about what I am doing and WHY I am building my own business.

I love my family … my wife and boys, her parents and siblings and my own. I have long dreamed of working for myself and building a business that provides the freedom and income to change our lives.

Why do you go to work? What’s your motivation?

iron wil

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  1. Tanner B.

    Motivation vs Passion. One where you have reasons that you “have to” the other where you “want to”. I was told long ago in 1996 that 85% of Americans wake up every day to go to a job that they “have to” go to. (Motivations- rent, food, family) The other 15% go and cant wait to get where they are going. (Passions- paid for hobbies, being one’s own boss, showing ones family that anything can be accomplished) When I was told that, I vowed to always have something that I wanted to go to.

    Having one’s own business is a beaitiful thing; however, there are many strings attached. Freedom has a price. Examples include but are not limited to, unlimited hours, sole responsibility, being on call 24/7, the list is limitless.

    Everything in your work life has a price in one way or another. It is up to you to decide what you are going to pay to get what you want.