Iron Wil Book Review: Just Keep Breathing by Jimmy Bluff

a chat about a newly released book by Jimmy Bluff. it is a powerful story about the power of belief and hard work!

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Iron Wil, the Mighty Freight Train

“My brother, William asked me to explain where his nickname Iron Wil, the Mighty Freight Train came from.  This is a two part name and has separate stories combining the name and clarifying who he is.

It all started when we moved to Texas, he was preparing to go on a two year mission for our church, we watched a Disney movie call Iron Will and then we realized that that is what made our brother Wil different from so many others, he would push through adversity no matter what the cost or the reward as long as it was right or the principle true. Determination would growl out of him as he pushed on to be more than he was or to move past an issue in front of him.

Then after his mission we played a friendly game of tackle football on a Thanksgiving morning, something that was a favorite pastime of ours. During one play Wil had the ball and was pumping down the line with three younger men clinging to him, he was a freight train rolling by me. He did finally get taken down when the fourth man came in for the final tackle and the entire group came down as a train would blow off a track.

I remember stopping in the middle of my action to stop and watch him push forward despite the others clinging to him.  I at first was awed, then I remember thinking the others were just hanging on with a hope that they could do something, but my brother defied their desires by chugging forward.

A train with its movement slowed or not must press forward and can only change course by a small change initially, Wil is also like this, but when he changes course know he will keep the same speed and determination he had before. Don’t get in his way because you won’t slow him down.”

Team Never Quit

If you couldn’t tell, I am a fan of determination and perseverance. The Team Never Quit Podcast is a place of great stories and examples of these 2 qualities. Check out the podcast and the website. TNQ is hosted by David Rutherford and Marcus Luttrell with interviews with some well and less well known people. They have 5 episodes right now, an intro and 4 interviews!

Go Now!

iron wil


In business and personal life each person uses some form of motivation to pursue their goals. Last week I had one of those moments and it ties back to my Failed Job Interview post. I live and work to provide for my wife and kids.

It was a typical morning with Face getting up shortly after me. We made breakfast and as each of the other boys got up, I helped them get things in order for school and feed. I finished my own preparations and kissed my wife good bye.

I got my sunglasses, keys, and started to open the front door. Face came running and yelling, “Daddy don’t go! Don’t go!” “Daddy don’t go! Don’t go!” He started crying and gave me a big hug.

“Please stay home and play with me?!?”

“Oh, my boy, I wish I could, I have to go to work so that we can have food and clothes, and so that we have a place to live.” “Face, I want you to know that I am working on my own business so that I can stay home with you and we can do fun things together.” I will admit that this has happened more than once and this last time it almost brought me to tears. I drove to work thinking about what I am doing and WHY I am building my own business.

I love my family … my wife and boys, her parents and siblings and my own. I have long dreamed of working for myself and building a business that provides the freedom and income to change our lives.

Why do you go to work? What’s your motivation?

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I came across a video from Under Armour this last week featuring swim star Michael Phelps, from the #RuleYourself campaign which looks like it is part of a larger campaign called “I will not be out worked”. The following video shows Michael training.

I have always liked sports movies and metaphors because they often reflect the spirit and drive needed to over come challenges. The point is the drive and self determination to reach ones goals! I don’t remember how old I was when I realized that wanted to constantly develop, grow, and improve myself. I stopped New Year’s Resolutions and started adding goals as I realized that I need to change something. For many years, I had quotes posted on my bedroom wall on 3×5 cards, some of the quotes were so long I needed a second or even third card. Many of the quotes I write about were on that wall and have become such a part of my person that I no longer need to look at them and I am sure that my children will get tired of them before they are grown. I also hope that they will take them to heart.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” When you know what you want and you place your goals in front of you and you visualize them; then you will realize them. Today, I use my bathroom and rear-view mirror to post my most important goals. In my minds eye at any point, I can call up my bathroom mirror and see clearly … almost like a photo.

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