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I came across a video from Under Armour this last week featuring swim star Michael Phelps, from the #RuleYourself campaign which looks like it is part of a larger campaign called “I will not be out worked”. The following video shows Michael training.

I have always liked sports movies and metaphors because they often reflect the spirit and drive needed to over come challenges. The point is the drive and self determination to reach ones goals! I don’t remember how old I was when I realized that wanted to constantly develop, grow, and improve myself. I stopped New Year’s Resolutions and started adding goals as I realized that I need to change something. For many years, I had quotes posted on my bedroom wall on 3×5 cards, some of the quotes were so long I needed a second or even third card. Many of the quotes I write about were on that wall and have become such a part of my person that I no longer need to look at them and I am sure that my children will get tired of them before they are grown. I also hope that they will take them to heart.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” When you know what you want and you place your goals in front of you and you visualize them; then you will realize them. Today, I use my bathroom and rear-view mirror to post my most important goals. In my minds eye at any point, I can call up my bathroom mirror and see clearly … almost like a photo.

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