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Jobs, Stay

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!” – Steve Jobs (from Whole Earth Catalog)

In tribute to Steve Jobs birthday, I felt this line taken from the Standford University Commencement Speech he gave in 2005 was appropriate. Many people look up to and admire Steve for his sense of design, ability to lead and inspire, his demand for excellence, his ability to see a finished product in the design phase. He had many talents. I found the biography written by Walter Isaacson to not only be revealing about Steve; however, I learned about myself.

As a young man, my mother pulled me aside one day and gave me some instruction. She recommended that I look at those men & women around me and learn from them. Watch them and pick out the good habits and work those into your personality and character. Become a better man then your father, become a better man than my father and be the best man you can be. It took me a few years to understand and then to put that advice in practice. I admit that Dr. Stephen Covey helped with his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. His concept of beginning with the end in mind provided me with the insight I needed.

Now, stay hungry and stay foolish. Hunt for ideas and knowledge and growth. Be foolish enough to not accept other peoples image of you. Be foolish enough to “Never let them make you crawl.”

iron wil