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Being Prepared


Rush 12 and Para-cord

I am known by friends and family to be a bit “weird” because I carry a bag with tools and things for the just in case … or to be prepared for whatever may come.

On a recent trip, I went in to use a stall and found the lock busted. Thankfully, I had a length of para-cord in my bag and I tied the lock closed. This made my wife laugh when I told her about it. She likes to poke fun at me from time to time for my preparedness mindset.

I will admit that it has been apart of my life for so long that I don’t even remember when I started. Being an Army Brat, it is almost a fact of life … depending on where you have lived and how you have traveled.

The key is being prepared.

My experiences have lead me to a mindset that one should consider the future and then prepare for those events! Again, not meaning for a disaster, for any kind of event. For example, do you want to work in a specific industry? Then what do you study or attend university to learn? What daily activities are needed to get healthier, does it mean eating habits need to change or a gym membership will need to be acquired? What is it you dream about?

My own motivation comes from many different desires; one to serve others, one to be able to help my parents, another to provide for someone who lacks the means to improve their circumstances, one more includes a desire to see more good in the world. For each person, their desires and wants have to be planned for daily one step at a time. Once small goals are achieved, the bigger ones become a reality!

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