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Church in the Autumn, VT

This weekend I took my family on quick trip to Virginia Beach. On the return trip, we drove up State Highway 17 and along the route we saw many small and old churches. It reminded me of the early day of our country and the religious foundation that our nation was built upon. As I drove, I thought about the Pilgrims and those seeking religious freedom that followed them. I thought about the Revolution and how those early Americans argued and debated their situation with the King of England. I thought about the court case just decided in the Supreme Court (of the United States) or SCOTUS. I pondered how the current culture of the U.S. is being influenced by some minority groups.

I thought about my own religious beliefs and the teachings of my faith. I pondered the influence I have on those around me and wondered if I was doing a good enough job of representing Jesus Christ. I felt sad about those forcing their opinions and desires onto others. Do they realize what they are doing to their country? Do they understand the consequences of their actions? Do they not see the duplicity between what they want and what is going on in the world around us? Do they not realize that there are nefarious elements within our own country that will seek to destroy them once the freedom of speech has been decimated and the tide has been turned against our Constitution and Bill of Rights?

We are a christian nation, despite what some people think. Most people in the U.S. identify as Christians; that doesn’t mean that they are every Sunday church going folk. I realized some time ago that just because someone don’t attend church, doesn’t mean that they aren’t active in their faith in the way they see God and live His commands. What troubles me most, is that to many Americans aren’t active politically; either in their local community or general political circles.

Your community is where you must begin. Talk amongst your friends and get to know your neighbors; teach correct principles and set a good example. The change we need to make in our communities and cities comes from the ground up; we need to be strong and faithful, to be diligent in our efforts to improve our beloved nation. It started in the small towns and churches across the 13 colonies. It takes one to stand up at a time and show the way. The brave will always join the battle and those who love freedom will join the fray.

iron wil