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Han Solo

I wrote a post (actually 2) about heroes and today seemed like the perfect day to talk about one of them. Han Solo, scoundrel and smuggler turned hero! I have to admit that I once thought Han Solo was the coolest guy in the galaxy. When we played Star Wars my brother chose to be Luke & I would be Han. This is how it was.

I liked that he was brash, quick on the draw, confident, and sure of himself. He knew himself and what he could do! Remember this line? “Never tell me the odds!” Some would say that Han is just another American Cowboy, in a galaxy far, far away; and maybe to some that is all he will be. Rough and disheveled; brave, courageous, and even “happy go lucky”. Well that is how I saw him and like every other boy my age, I wanted to be just like him. Well, okay, not every other boy … maybe just some of the SciFi nerds wanted to be him.

One of my favorite scenes is when he took the tauntaun out on Hoth to find Luke! He new full well that they both could freeze to death and he still went. As the story goes, he found Luke and cut open his tauntaun to keep Luke alive in order to have time to erect a shelter and keep them both safe. I like that Han and Luke became friends, that despite their different experiences they could work together and over come the odds placed before them.

iron wil