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Carlyle, Faults

The greatest of all faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none.” – Thomas Carlyle

I have become a bit of a political junkie as I have gotten along in my short life. I have to admit That I am saddened by how many of those in the public eye try to present themselves as perfect and without fault. Personally, I never liked that in a person. I first came across this personality trait as a kid. My father presented this facet of his personality for many years. As I grew and came to learn about some of his faults; I grew to hate and loathe him. I got to a point where I was angry with him for everything he did and for every little thing. I was in my last year of high school and we read a play called Master Harold and the Boys. While my father was not like the Harold’s father, I was able to learn that I can love him for the good things that he does. If you want you can compare it to another story … Star Wars … oh yeah, Luke & Vader!

Seriously though, I wanted to be different. I wanted my kids to know that I wasn’t prefect. In approaching fatherhood, i decided that when I made mistakes I would apologize. Whether it was made in person or in front of others, I would apologize in front of the family. I would, as quickly, as I could make amends with my boys. They know that I am not perfect and I hope that it will help them to be comfortable with their own-selves and be conscious of their own mistakes and work to make amends. I work to correct my faults and when something is brought to my attention I put my energies into it. Unfortunately, not everyone is always around to see those changes and continue with a bad impression of me. That is something I can’t regret … it is something I can and will continue to work on.

Be conscious of your faults and make corrections. Strive to be better.

iron wil

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