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Ghandi, Change

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mohandas Gandhi

As this new year begins many people make resolutions of all kinds from fitness to financial and gardening and cleaning out the garage. Whatever resolution you make should being improvements and more good into the world.

Many years ago, I chose not to follow the annual resolution setting practice of the world in general. I decided that I would make changes to myself as I come across a need to improve. Now, these words speak specifically to cultural and social changes. When I look at the people and popular culture in the United States my heart becomes heavy and I am saddened. However, I know on who’s side I stand and I know that in order to improve the world around me I must be a better person. Kinder, more polite, open, and more interested in the well being of my fellow man, all things that I am not naturally good at. I have a brother who has been a very good example to me. He has a natural tendency towards charity and kindness towards others. His good example helped me to start making the changes I needed to make. It is still a journey as are all such things that stir the soul and cause us to strive for something more. I hope that whether it is because of the New Year or because of a noticed need you are willing to change.

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