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Sher, Change

Change is not only likely, it is inevitable.” – Barbara Sher

I remember as a kid being told that I need to change to learn to adapt to my surroundings and the places I lived. I grew up in the Army, my Dad served 20 years (Thanks Dad for your service to our great country!!!) and I remember my mom taking the time to teach us about the places we lived. Most notably Germany! I grew to love the places, people, and culture or Germany. As a teen on our second tour, I learned to order and eat the local cuisine. To shop on the ‘economy’ and get around town and the country using public transportation. The real lesson, I learned, was to adapt because Change is the only constant! It is something that we can count on, we change because of our interaction with friends and the community in which we live. We change because a book, play, essay, or short story causes us to think about something in a different way. I recently saw this comic somewhere in my web surfing. I think that it is quite fitting especially because I that is how I was able to forgive my father and learn to love him for the man he is. Today we have a great relationship and we both have moved past my childhood and the mistakes we both made. Change is inevitable.

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