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Polonius, Be True

To thy own self be true.” – Polonius

This quote is one I thought about holding on to until I had posted several other quotes and had maybe a year or two worth posts and work into it.  I changed my mind as I sat down and started looking through my list of quotes.  I feel really strongly about being true to oneself.

I am not sure where to begin.  For starters, one had to start on this path by choice.  I don’t know when I started consciously and with dedication to pursue this course in my own life.  I remember when I was about 12 or 13 my mother sat me down and gave me a talking to.  I don’t remember much of the conversation.  I do remember Mimi saying 2 things: 1) look around you and find those with good qualities and emulate them, and 2) every rose has it’s thorns and you don’t have to be one.  We spoke for sometime and when we finished, I dwelt on these thoughts and have come to terms with my own struggles and personality flaws.

Since those days, I have struggled to understand myself and what kind of person I want to be and how I want to be remembered by family, friends, and the community in which I live.  Do I want to be remembered as a good neighbor and person or do I want to be disliked and possibly even hated?

I decided that I wanted to be know as a kind and generous person.  I wanted to be known as a man of integrity and honor.  I want others to know that I can be counted on and a man my father and mother can be proud of.