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The journey you may be called to serve, may not be the one you envisioned.” – @ir0nw1l

I came up with this thought, during college as I continued my professional education and personal growth.  I realized that my own life had not followed the course that I had planned.  My decision to attend college came about after I considered and intended to do something else.  There were also a few other things that happened which changed the course of events in my life.  I married before I started a Master’s Degree and now that has been put on hold until the kids are older.

The point being that the decisions we make and events that come into our lives change what comes later on.  I find this aspect of life very interesting and challenging.  I marvel at how my own life is so very different then what I had intended or planned for myself.  I am on the East Coast, which is something I planned on.  I am not where I planned to be or even doing the work I expected.  I live in a place that I would not have picked except for the circumstances that brought me to this city.  It is interesting and it has been a learning experience I will carry with me for a long time.  I think that it will also impact what type of housing and location my wife and I select when it comes time to move on.

The biggest challenge is finding joy in the journey.


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