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Anacharsis, Play

Play … so that you may be serious.” – Anacharsis

This quote hits home with me personally because I am a very work driven person … A “Type A Personality”.   I don’t remember when I realized that I enjoy working and putting my efforts into my job.  I started working at age 12 as a paperboy and worked off and on until I was about 17 and from then on, I held a steady job since then.  I have gone through a few periods of unemployment and during those times, I was engaged in something aside from looking for a new job.

I leaned in college, while working full-time and going to school full-time, that I needed to take a break.  The first real activity, was building a small retaining wall for an adopted grandmother.  It was hard work and it was in the Texas summer.  I suffered physically from the heat, yet the time off from school that semester did wonders for me.  I was able to go back to school for the Fall Semester renewed.  During my college days, my idea of a vacation was holing up in my apartment for the (holiday) 3 day weekend.  It was enough for me to keep my sanity.  I married in the end of my Senior year at University.

My wife and I moved to the East Coast and I learned about going to the beach for vacation.  Since my marriage, we have taken some kind of a vacation and time off from work except 2011, I did get any kind of break.  I was so stressed and worn out.  This year we are making an extra effort for me to get time off from work and spend that time with family.

In short, we need to take time and play and relax.  We need hobbies and 2nd and 3rd activities that allow us to get away from our jobs and the stress that accompanies them.  “Play … so that you may be serious”.