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Family and Friends

Today is my birthday and I really enjoy not having a party or making a big deal of today.  If anything I should be honoring my parents for their love and example.  They brought me into this world [and yes Papa would remind me he can take me out of it anytime] and loved me despite my problems and flaws.  They loved me through 6 hard years of struggle and growth.  I had lost my way and they loved me and kept an open heart full of love for me.

Mom and Dad thanks, I don’t know if I could ever put the words together to express my appreciation for your sacrifice.

To my brothers and sisters, I don’t think I need to say anything … you know.

Friends … there are so many of you now, so many that love me and care for me.  I am humbled and grateful for your affection and appreciation of me.  I hope that I can always express my appreciation for you especially when you serve me or my family.

Now, there are some Friends out there that are no longer friends; you are family.  Brian & HD, Jonas & Berry, and Brian & Rach to name a few … I am sitting here getting emotional trying to think of how I could begin to express my gratitude and love for you.

Brian, your FB post is beautiful and we have lived through some tough times together; and we share the gospel of Jesus Christ and we share His love.  I think that there is no other person that I can call and get a scriptural and gospel based answer – there have been many times that your wise counsel has served me well.  I am grateful that our friendship has lasted and will continue to last into the eternities.  Heather, my twin sister, how I miss celebrating our birthday together.  I can’t think of any thing else I would rather do than to sit down with our families and enjoy another birthday dinner together.

Jonas, we share the longest history, 20+ years…  I didn’t expect our friendship to last past high school; but because of a blond, French class, and reconciliation we have a wonderful friendship full of love and appreciation for each other.  I can’t imagine another April without Thunder.  We have such a good time with your family.  Berry, I can’t tell you how fabulous you are, nor can I express my gratitude for your love for and marriage to Jonas.  You have been a miracle and blessing to him that I will be forever grateful for.

Brian & Rach …  Like Brian & HD we share the gospel of Jesus Christ and a love of life and an appreciation for our wives.  Rach, you came into our lives at a time when Lauren needed a girlfriend.  You have been such a blessing to her and our family.  Brian, I am so thankful that you and Rach met and married.  Your laughter and sense of humor are a boon to my soul.  I hope that our futures can become more entwined.

Now, if I have not mentioned you, I hope that you will not be offended.  I have not forgotten you … there are many of you, my friends, that I am grateful for and I could spend a week writing my thanks and appreciation.

Now, Lauren, “you are my miracle”.  We are agreed upon that.  I will forever be indebted to Mary for introducing us.  These last 6 years have flown by and I am amazed at how we have grown together.  I know we have our struggles and trials, we have our moments in the sun, and we have those glorious and wonderful days.  My memories of these years are full of joy and wonder.

I would almost be lost without you.  You are a bright and shining star in my heaven.  You are my better half and you help to bring out my best self.  Thank you for taking the risk and loving me and consenting to be my eternal companion, wife, friend, and lover.

iron wil

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