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Apple Tablet Prediction

Additions Below – Just Updated

I was on Yammer the other day and the group was asking about the iSlate and what our predictions were for next month.  As I thought about the question and thought about rumor mill this is what I thought of =  JooJoo + Sports Illustrated Demo + Kindle + Lala + built in battery + Inkwell + Wi-Fi/3G.

Okay, we already know that whatever Apple and Mr. Jobs are doing is going to look great and fit into the architecture that already exists and the JooJoo is a good idea of what can be done today.  Since we don’t have to worry about design [it’s not a mouse] we know that it will look great!  Some of my favorite concepts can be found here.  We also know that it will work with iTunes in some way, have built in Wi-Fi [iPhone/iPod Touches and possibly some 3G/4G if the Verizon rumors are true], and a built in battery.

The next thing it will have to cover is the usefulness and ease of use.  What if they left in Inkwell, the handwriting recognition software and allowed for capacitive writing with your finger?!?  … Or a puff ball … which would allow for quick note taking and editing, like the Windows Courier project?  Now, allow for Sports Illustrated Tablet demo functionality with books, magazines [I would love to get Wired like this!!!], and mixed media.  This would make the Kindle and other eReaders look last decade.

Now add iTunes with subscriptions or Lala, which Apple bought in December 2009, and then you don’t have to port your entire library … you can stream it through your iTunes account to the new device!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I want one!!!  I don’t know if I am even half right; Apple is making waves and the rumors are in the water.  We will see on the 27th of January.

NetBooks and eReaders beware they are about to redefine your markets and youse will lose market share.

Listening to MacBreak Weekly #174 and I realized that I forgot something very important, the App Store!!!  It has been leaked that Apple has expressed to some developers that they will want to work on full screen coverage.  They have talked about my thoughts that I wrote about here!!!

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