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Net TWIT NetCasts – 2009.08.29

TWiT 209: Dvorak Shrugged

Hosts: Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, Om Malik, and Kirk Harnack

The Apple-Google-ATT conspiracy, the US CIO babbles, and TWiT goes digital…

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MacBreak Weekly 155: When You’re Ready to Compromise, Call Me

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, and Merlin Mann

Snow Leopard, new “Get a Mac” ads, MacBook refresh, Apple Tablet news, App approval process, and more.

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Security Now 211: Hacking Electronic Voting Machines

Hosts: Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte

How researchers hacked the most secure electronic voting machines.

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Windows Weekly 120: Bing Is My Back-End

Hosts: Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte

Windows 7, Yahoo competition, Xbox 360 prices, Word, Nokia, Snow Leopard, and more.

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This Week In Google 5: Ice Cream In The Clouds

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani, Doug Kaye, and Mary Hodder

Snow Leopard, mobile apps as content, Chrome/Android, Facebook privacy settings, and more.

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