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New TWiT NetCasts – 2009.06.06

TWiT 197: Steal This Diploma

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Don Tapscott, Gina Trapani, Jeff Jarvis, and Jake Jarvis.

Newspaper collusion, real-time Web, Bing, Google Wave, transforming education, and more.

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MacBreak Weekly 143: Green Thumbs

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, and Scott Bourne

Apple Java vulnerability, Palm Pre with iTunes, Microsoft Bing, Zune HD vs. iPod, and more.

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Security Now 199: The Geek Atlas

Hosts: Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte

A good book, the IPv6 protocol, and Steve’s secure TCP idea that doesn’t use a VPN tunnel.

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Windows Weekly 110: Paul’s Shattered Hopes

Hosts: Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte

Windows 7 RTM/GA, Starter gets more apps, Bing goes live, E3 Zune and Xbox 360, Winfox, and more.

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