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Boston in April

Recently, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Boston. A friend was getting married and we felt that we could make the trip over a weekend and spend some quality time together. It was an opportunity to see a few historical sites. We walked the Freedom Trail to Faneuil Hall and saw a few of the landmarks along the way. It made me want to listen to John Adams by David McCullough. It was amazing to stand on the place where those individuals died in the Boston Massacre and to walk in the Granary Burial Ground and witness the place where several of the Founding Fathers and some of the other players in the American Revolution have been laid to rest. It was amazing and inspiring to know that in the 1700’s this city was a hub of thought and leadership. That men who loved their country so much and risked everything to fight the injustice they saw. It is evident from history that these men from Massachusetts didn’t want to separate from Great Britain; it was their country. It took years for some of them to come around and realize that they would have to sever the political ties. Thus a Declaration of Independence was written and a revolution was begun.


Boston Founded Commemoration Monument


Samuel Adams plot


Old State House


John Hancock Memorial

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