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Franklin, Patience

He that can have patience, can have what he will.” – Benjamin Franklin

I have learned in my life that if I exercise patience I can not only achieve my goals, but I can also move others to my position … given enough time. Patience is one of those words that some get upset about.

I remember as a teenager having a really hard time being patient. If I was tired, little things would set me off. I realized that I needed to work on this and so I started. I also remember that before I got married, I thought I was doing really well with patience. Then we had kids. That showed me that I was just beginning my study in patience. I am getting better; however, at this point I realize that this will be a life long study.

Self-improvement, as I have learned, is long game. Anything worth having is worth working to obtain and the time it takes should not deter us in our pursuit for success.

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