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Frankl, Attitudes

The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitudes.” – Victor Frankl

This is something I heard way to often as a kid. My mom always talked about how I needed to change my attitude. I know that really she was telling me then that I need to not be such a jerk to my brothers and sisters. However, if she knew there was a deeper meaning to those words I don’t know. What I do know is that as I continued to study about self-improvement I learned that you can change your attitude. One can make a conscience decision, oh, wait! Don’t get the wrong idea this is not easy and takes a lot of effort depending on ones natural abilities. Personally, I really have a hard time and must use music, scriptures, or meditation to change my attitude. It has become much easier for me to change my attitude as I have worked on it over the years. There are times when I can change it quickly by thinking about what I want to achieve or what impact I want to have on the situation I find myself in. It has become a wonderful tool in my skill set and has helped me at home and work. Being able to change my attitude and elevate my thinking.

If you don’t know who Victor Frankl is, I would suggest you learn about his history because it just might change your mind on this quote.

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