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EDC Update

EDC.No1After months of use, I had to change from my Maxpedition bag because it wasn’t large enough to fit my work laptop. Which I had to start taking home and on travel. In order to not carry 2 separate bags with one looking just like a steal-me-laptop bag.

After some discomfort, carrying 2 bags, and then some more research; I decided to get the Rush 12 from 5.11. I also considered bags from these companies, Grey Ghost Gear and Maxpedition and Camelbak.EDC.No3

I really like the small bag with the 2L water bladder carrier. There are plenty of small internal compartments and pockets which allow for the storage of the little things I want to carry everyday. The bag also has Molle attach points on the front and sides as you can see from the photos. I can easily recommend this bag for anyone looking for an smaller EDC backpack. In total you are looking at 1296 cubic inches or 21.2 liter capacity. There is still a lot of room in this bag that if I wanted to carry more gear. I could easily do that without any problems.EDC.No2

As you can see in the 3rd photo I have 2 flashlights, a pen, a sharpie, a forceps, and various other items in the organizer area. In the pockets I have some meds, emergency whistle, and emergency mirror.


In the 4th photo you can easily see my medical kit, cables bag and charger, poncho, and Bluetooth keyboard.


In the 6th picture you can see work gloves more prescription bottles with various items, Q-Tip travel pack, and a small bag of band-aids for minor cuts and scrapes.


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