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Herbert, Distrust

The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action.” – Frank Herbert

Trust is something that can only be given after long years of knowing someone. Don’t misunderstand my meaning; it is possible to give someone trust when you initially meet them. That is how friendships are started and business relationships work. The genius of this quote is that it calls out those who would like to “make our lives better”; usually only by the methods they condone or preach. Take for example the Green movement in America; yes, it is mostly in America. They believe that we can only make the Earth a better place by minimizing human impact. While discounting the efforts that conservationists make on a daily basis. They also continue to classify things like Carbon Dioxide as a destructive greenhouse gas. Frankly, I don’t understand that since we exhale it and plants using photosynthesis inhale it.

Basically, THINK! Use your brain and don’t follow along blindly. Read, listen, research, debate, and THINK!

iron wil