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Haney, Last Hope

We are a good and moral people & we form a nation that is the hope of mankind, quite possibly the last hope.” – Eric Haney

When I think of this country and my upbringing, I think of the so called “Judeo-Christian” Values that America was founded on.  I say so called because, I believe that those ethics and actions are and never were limited to Jews or Christians. I think more about the social decline in America and the fall from common courtesy and politeness that once could be found all over this great nation. I don’t understand why this has changed; why it is so acceptable to be rude to others? I have to admit that one of the few things that I miss about Texas is polite people wherever one goes.  I understand that many of the Southern States still uphold this tradition.

My belief in America comes from a family that loves this country and cherishes the good characteristics and faith of our Founding Fathers.  My love for this country [and it’s soldiers] comes from growing up with the Army and seeing the sacrifice and diligence those men and women provided for the security of our nation.  I believe that America has the potential to lead the way into a better future not just for Americans, for all peoples of this world.  We have been a more generous and caring country than any other on the face of this planet throughout it’s history.  It is my belief and hope that we, American’s, can fall back upon those wonderful and classic [traditional] values that have lasted the test of time [centuries].  Let us be not good American’s, let us be great American’s; let God [be it Christ or Allah] be apart of our lives and let us follow and live the tenants of our faith and lead the world again as a Military Superpower and Values Superpower.

We can bring great peace and prosperity to the world through faith and good works. Let us stand and be American’s … and be the best American’s we can be!