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Where No MacBook Has Gone Before

A little while ago, as many know, Apple introduced a Retina Display MacBook Pro that is .71 of an inch thick. The entire innards have been glued in place and non-standard hard drive (a flash based configuration) and non-standard RAM (again, a flash based configuration) have replaced standard RAM and Hard Drives. The screen is also glued in place. The thickness of a laptop doesn’t impress some people; and others are just swept away with new designs. Of course, in true Apple fashion several ports were removed and others condensed and combined. The engineering that went into this design is really revealing. One would of course have to go back through Apple presentations and other materials they have published over the years.

The new MacBook has been deconstructed by iFixit and they have claimed it is the hardest Mac to repair and replace parts on; while this is true, it is also the thinnest workhorse of a computer ever made. The configuration and layout of the insides made me think of one thing … the iPad and iPhone. About 6 months ago I replaced the back case on my 3GS and the glass on my wife’s 3GS. Many of the internal parts can be removed some by removing the screws. However, some of the parts are glued in place.

Now, there is also the rumor that iOS and OS X will be merging and that can be seen in things like Multi-Touch, iMessages, Notifications, and cross OS applications like Calendar, iWork, iLife, and others.

Now, what if the lid was removed and flipped around and placed on top of the base? What if the Retina Display was a touch screen and it came with a substantial dock or easel? We already have a very solid and useful keyboard & track pad being offered by Apple. I mean with a weight of 4.46 lbs … I can easily see this being a touch screen MacBook with an on screen keyboard. Touch Screen controls are being tested and enhanced by Apple right now by millions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners. Personally, I can see this happening … and I can see me buying one. It has the power and portability that no other laptop would have especially if they keep pushing the limits of battery, RAM, and Hard Drive size as they have done with the iPad and iPhone.

one more thing … WiFi only and 3G/4G [aka Wireless Broadband] options.

iron wil