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Apple TV?!?

I was listening to MacBreak Weekly 263 this week as the gang talked about the Apple TV Rumors that have been floating around.  If you haven’t heard, the most current is that Apple is developing an TV.  Yes, like Samsung, Philips,  Sony, Vizio, and others.  While this is not impossible, I am having a hard time seeing the vision.

What I do see, is possibilities.

An Apple TV that is a “TV” would have to be more than just a media box like the 1st and 2nd versions of the Apple TV.  I think this device would have to be a media center or iTunes Server.  We know that Apple can make beautiful displays and fantastic hardware.  My vision is that this iTunes Server would need to have a few things to make it work.  It would need to contain a very large hard drive, Seagate recently announced a 4Tb hard drive, and the ability to update the software and hard drive.   The rest of the hardware might stand the test of time or need to be upgradeable over time.  That is the problem, it doesn’t fit Apple’s model.  Not only that but FaceTime Hd camera would have to be capable of upgrades also.

I understand where people want this to go and I have seen the videos’ of Alan Kay’s visionary tablet and Apple’s knowledge navigator.  I also ‘see’ how AirPlay is making some of the sharing possible with a combination of Apple devices.  My first thoughts and impressions are that they will be making a 3rd generation Apple TV that will allow and manage the ‘Cord Free’ connecting and syncing between iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  My vision is 2 devices, one that has a large hard drive and one that is like the 2nd generation Apple TV.  My other feeling is that they are working with TV manufacturers to get  AirPlay working on TVs.  This could work as a widget or as an always on service running and ready to receive streams.

I really see a new Apple TV being an iTunes Server … I know I have said it a few times already.  It is the only thing that make sense to me.