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The Apple TV Rev

I am currently listening to MacBreak Weekly 210: Apple’s Fall Announcement and considering the pronostication for the Apple TV from the September 1st Apple Event.

I love this device.  I really like the 802.11n and I really like the Price Point!  I can afford the 99$ and that makes this an easy buy.  Having access to NetFlix and my iTunes Library in the same place really makes me love this.  I see 3 things that will happen to the device over the next year or two:

  1. The Orchard will hold and deliver personal content to any iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and Apple TV.
  2. Apple will develop a home iTunes server that will allow for several accounts and multiple account access.  Think HP’s Windows Home Server with the iTunes plug-in.
  3. Apple will allow for App development which will bring in more content and some games.  This may require a new Apple TV to handle multiple iPhones, iTouchs, and iPads … to act as game controllers.

Once, Apple puts these pieces into place, it defines the paradigm and concept of what that device in the living room is that handles TV Shows, Movies, Music, and Gaming!

I need to pre-order mine.

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Others Thoughts

  1. Wired’s Epicenter, How Apple Just Disrupted the Cable Guys.
  2. Ars Technica, No longer a hobby? $99 Apple TV drops storage, integrates Netflix.
  3. Fortune Tech, Apple TV swings hard but misses.

I  have to disagree with Fortune, I think that they are wanting a solution to a problem that everyone is searching for.  Wired & Ars, I think are on the same train of thought as I am and Apple.  It isn’t the answer yet … another step or iteration on the path to getting it right.  I look forward to seeing what comes next.  I hope they see and realize that this can’t be a stand alone box; it has to have a robust back-end of content.