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Google says, “No Windows!”

This week I noticed something quite interesting3 different articles [Google: We don’t do Windows; Google to employees: ‘Mac or Linux, but no more Windows’; and Mac OS X and Linux are no magic security bullet for Google] covering Google letting go or Windows machines because of the security vulnerabilities.  The attack on Google via Internet Explorer that caused the loss of Google Code was announced last year.  This year Google is moving their employees off of Windows boxes to Linux or Mac OS machines.

They even point out this is a security move for the company and they intend to cycle over 20,000 computers.  That is a lot of hardware a whole lot of hardware!!!  It is an interesting and impressive move.

I know that there are Windows users that are going to call this bogus and complain and Troll the blogs; but either way, Google has made a statement.

iron wil

My 2¢:
Go Google!  Windows is becoming more secure and more reliable.  Mac & Linux have been leading with certain features and a stronger security posture.  Those computers [Windows] are a big target and hopefully, that target will shrink because the software is becoming more secure.