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The Future of the iPad

The iPad comes directly from Alan Kay’s dynabook and Apple‘s 1987 video on the knowledge navigatorJon Udell wrote a blog post back in 2003 titled Computers that mimic intelligence that talks about his expectations of how soon we will reach a semblance of the dynabook and knowledge navigator.

If you have been paying attention, Apple recently bought Siri, ‘Your Virtual Personal Assistant’.  Their tag line … “You Ask, Siri Does”.  3G and soon to come 4G services, or ubiquitous wireless services and a person can get access to their data anywhere.  It is coming and I am excited to see next years products.

So, if you take all the things I have been thinking about the iPad from my previous posts, it is understandable where Apple is going.  They know what they are looking forward and planning for.  Do you see it?

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