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Mother’s Day Poem 2010

a Mother is an angel sent by Heavenly Father
she is a healer, helper, and nurturer
she has so much love for her children
that she willing suffer to keep them safe from harm
she will face physical danger and wade deep into unsavory places

She will spend years on her knees so that her children
will accept the gospel of Jesus Christ
She will stay up late to see them safely return home

Not to mention sleepless nights to serve her infant’s needs
hours spent in teaching the most basic of things
reading, coloring, writing, self-esteem, sharing, and love
to name a scant few

She is a glory to behold in all of nature
a mother at work is like nothing else
there is no fury greater, no love stronger, no smile brighter
there is no beauty more sublime then when a mother holds her child
no wonder more great than the miracle of mother

iron wil

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