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Americans Remember!

It was not a big surprise to me that we were attacked on the 11th of September (2001).  The size of the attack was a surprise, a huge surprise.

I grew up with the Army and we were trained to look for things out of place.  Commercials on AFN always talked about looking for the person that stood out or paid to much attention to ‘you’.  I learned to look for people that acted out of place and to this day I get fidgety when in a restaurant and I can’t see most of the people & the doors.  I grew accustomed to terrorism happening, when I lived overseas it was a regular occurrence somewhere in Europe.  Sometimes it was directed at Americans and sometimes it was directed at others.

I was surfing the web when I came across this wallpaper titled Remember.

The attack on 9/11 is paramount to Pearl Harbor and so many people don’t remember that day either.  It is sad that American’s don’t understand patriotism and honor anymore.  We don’t, as a people, even know what our country is about or why it was established.  We don’t respect the men and women that have sacrificed so much for the bright future we have today.

We are what a friend calls “UA” or “Ugly Americans”.   He reserves that label for Americans when they travel abroad; but I think more and more it applies to Americans in their own country.  Yes, I think we are that deplorable collectively.  I know that there are pockets of politeness and respect & that there are those with values that still live them.

“We the People” are not thinking about what is best for the country in the whole.  We are to focused on what is best for our group, special interest or religious or something else.  We are creating our own downfall and we will fall into ruin because we are not united as Americans.  We will fall like the Romans and they fell because of their internal divisions.

iron wil