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“The Gathering”, I finished

I just finished “The Gathering” by Annie Laurie & Brian Richardson.  If I didn’t know them or know their story, it would be hard to believe this book.  I know them & I have to tell you that this is a fantastic book!  It is a story of faith, love, courage, and trial.  It is a story about a family that is spread out over the whole face of the earth and how a couple work to find their children and bring them home.  This book is a must have for anybody that has faith in the God of Heaven.

This book was written to tell the story of the challenges that they faced and to show once again that miracles do exist.  That God, or Heavenly Father listens to our prayers and answers them and that each of us can have a life filled with faith if we will seek the god of Heaven and worship Him.

iron wil