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My Oh My, I can Hear!

I had a pair of Koss & then Sony in-ear headphones.  I stepped on my last pair and broke the cannon right off the ear piece.  Then I bought a pair of in-ear headphones that had a mic & answer switch [who is not important].  Needless to say, I didn’t like those headphones either because I kept getting cord feedback when I moved.  I started to use the Apple headphones that ship with the iPhone and I never liked the feel or fit of those and so I started looking for a set of replacements.  I tried that one brand … then decided to return them and order the Apple in-ear headphones.  They were delivered last night and I love them.  First of all they are comfortable and fit nicely into my ears.

I have come to rely on the remote and mic so that I can work and answer calls and then go back to my music or netcast.  I give them 4 stars.  I could give them 5 stars, but Apple would have to ship them with the iPhone or iPod for me to do that.

iron wil