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Wii & Netflix get it together!!!

When we first got our Wii, I knew very little about it because my eyes were set on a PS3.  the wife wanted the console because she felt it would be more fun and engaging.

Well, a year later, I like it okay.  But it doesn’t play DVD’s, blaaahh, and it doesn’t do anything else except games.  Atleast with the PS3 we could play Blu-ray and stream iTunes.  So, this morning I saw that Netflix & Wii have come to an agreement & so I rejoice in being [soon] able to watch Netflix streaming video on my TV.  No, we had considered a Roku box, but I didn’t want to put one more box on the TV stand.

So, sign into your Netflix account in another browser tab & then hit this link and you will be able to auto-register for the disk to make it possible.  I hope that this is an upgrade & I won’t have to keep track of another disk.  It’s free, so Get it now!!!

iron wil