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Where can Nexus One Go?!?

I was listening to MacBreak Weekly #174 and I listened to them discuss the Nexus One, Google, where the phone can be used, and Verizon’s closed network.

As I thought about it, I remembered that Verizon & AT&T both said they would open up their networks by the end of 2008.  Well, it is the beginning of 2010 and Verizon & AT&T, from what I know, are still clam-shelled.  They are not allowing users [us] to bring the device that we want to their service.

I am disappointed in this, very disappointed.

I believe that one day the mobile providers will have to open up because hardware manufactures & users will stick it to them and they will change.  The beginning of the end for their selecting of hardware we can use was started when Apple released the iPhone.  Since then, Google has released the Android software package and now the Nexus One phone.  Other hardware manufactures are jumping in and building handsets and devices that access mobile providers networks.

Times are changing.  The hardware manufactures are tightening the thumb screws and things will change for users and the carriers that provide our services.  I have to say that my prediction for 3 to 5 years is looking dismal; however, I am hopeful that it will happen.  That soon handsets and NetBooks will be open to provider transfer.  I know there are people that would like to take their iPhone to Verizon or T-Mobile and have the ability to move around per their need.

Time will tell, I am hopeful that it will happen soon.

iron wil