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Bluetooth and my iPhone

Last year, I bought a BlueAnt X5i and have enjoyed using it with my MacBook [13″ Black].  It is light enough to wear throughout my workday or on the weekends at home.  I used it sporadically with my computer because I couldn’t always use it in the office or home.

Last month, I got my iPhone [finally – 32 gig] and decided to pair my iPhone and X5i so that I can listen to music and Audiobooks while commuting, in the office, or at home.  I hadn’t really thought about how much I really liked this combination until I walked to the water fountain to pour out some water and left my phone on my desk.  This was an “I didn’t even think about my phone because it is on my person 90% of the time” moment; next thing I know, I am rounding the corner and thinking gee will I loose my connection?  Will my devices stop working because I am about to put a second corner and 40′ between them?

I have to say that I was very happy to still hear music as I dumped out the water and then headed back to my desk.  There are some design changes I would make to the X5i, but that is because I have a big head and thick ears . . . but between the two devices I am in audio heaven!  I hardly ever pull out my ear-buds, unless the X5i is recharging.

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