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The Move was a Success

The last month has been interesting.  We have taken the effort to move closer to one of my offices so that I could work closer to home and give back some of that commuting time to my family.  This week it has been a huge success with my family.  We have been able to spend time together have morning prayer and even time to run errands before bedtime.  Lauren is already getting used to me being home in the morning & the afternoon.  I have to admit that I really like the 3 to 5 minute commute.  I have time to do yoga every morning and am able to make the time.  I also make pancakes for breakfast today, which was really nice.

It is really enjoyable to kneel in prayer before I leave for work.  The boys questioned it the first day and then it was cool with them.  Getting them to sit still is another matter.  It is weird to have to water the grass and then I also have to mow it this week.  That will be different too.  Overall, aside from the cost of things we have to buy so that we can take care of the house; it has been a wonderful week.

I am pretty sure that the wife is really happy to have a house all her own.  This will be a good move for us even in the long run.  We shall see what FATHER has in store, because we are here for a reason.  I don’t know what it is and I am not worried about it – as long as we fulfill our responsibilities.  The Lord will take care of the rest, that is HIS responsibility.

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