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Top 10 Windows 7 Features vs. OS X: Leopard

I came across this article today in the news from V3.

  1. ‘Available networks’ tool on taskbar — already present in OS X, works great! It was called Internet Connect, but now is just part of the Network pane in System Preferences.
  2. Fewer annoying pop-ups — true we get a bouncing dock icon if you want it; but pop-ups aren’t standard.
  3. HomeGroup — oh yeah, I think we call that Bonjour.
  4. Device Stage — sounds like more work, OS X launches the program and gets ready to work.
  5. BitLocker support for removable storage — Now, for businesses, this has promise.  Home users get nothing from what I understand.  There is FileVault; however if you want whole drive encryption, you can get tools like TrueCrypt.
  6. Speedier boot-up — yeah, that is working . . . my MacBook was still faster booting OS X than it was booting Windows 7.
  7. Libraries — copycat?  Yeah, *Nix systems have been using this model for some time now.
  8. User Account Control is less in-your-face — about time!!!
  9. Multi-touch — okay, this is only available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and ModBooks; we are still waiting for Apple to release a NetBook or Tablet PC that will blow our socks off.
  10. It’s not Windows Vista — yeah, we never thought we would see something more busted up than Windows ME; but that has come & now they are ‘getting it right’.

Commentary added.

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