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Next Awesome iPhone App!

Recently we have seen a shift in Apple’s products, a shift that many, including myself see as preparing for a new product that will blow our minds.  One that we [read Apple FanBoys] will want to run out and buy that same day or buy after spending half the day refreshing the Apple Store site.  I will be honest, I want a 13″ Unibody . . can’t afford it right now; but when I can  . . .

So, whether the tablet device looks like any of these [Prediction 1, Prediction 2, and My Fav!] or not; we won’t know until we actually see it.  I think that Steve will present it at an Apple event after his return.  I can see it a 10″ touch Screen running OS X: iPhone with more power and functionality.  With this, I see a new version of iWork for the handhelds.  A lighter version that will meet the needs of an ultra-mobile user, simplicity in function like we have seen.  Think, the ability to edit fresh shot video on the iPhone 3GS concept, but adapted for other applications.

I don’t know what I am more excited about; the new product or the future apps that will blow our minds.  Personally, the TomTom add-on for the iPhone ROCKS!  I look forward to seeing that work and in using it!  Apple, is still on the bleeding edge.  Products that innovate, that make you say “WOW!”.  I have to be honest, no other company is there, they are not designing with users in mind.  I just don’t believe that for a minute.  The corporate user maybe; but not likely.

Okay, the New App, would have to be iWork integration for the iPhone and “MacBook Touch”.  I can picture it and how it would work; but that is why the will have to release iWork for PCs.  I also would not be surprised to see iLife for PCs too; which I wrote about in August 2007.  It just makes sense to slowly convert people, like they have been doing for years!!!  It will get to the point where people with buy a Mac because they have everything but the hardware.  It will just be why buy all this when I can spend the extra on the hardware and get great support and functionality all in one purchase.

iron wil