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iPhone Hardware Update for the Summer of 2009

Despite rumor, Apple has a history of updating the hardware of a device, iMac or MacBook, and keeping the same price point.  I expect, from the past history that this summer will bring 2 changes.  New iPod Touch’s, the high end with 64gb hard drives and then scaled down 32gb and 16gb.  I would expect the iPhone to follow with 32gb & 16gb hard drives.

I would also expect if the iPhone ‘Lite’ or iPhone Nano for 99$ would be an 8gb device with the exact same hardware as the standard model.  We will find out in a few weeks but no later than 2 months.  I also expect that we will see something like a MacBook Touch or something in the 10′ to 10.4′ screen size.  It only makes good sense to release a killer device that fills this space.  No, not a phone, but maybe a tablet running OS X: iPhone or something that runs that on the cover and then drop into full Leopard.  There is also a rumor that it will be on the 700mhz band that AT&T and Verizon will be opening up in 2010 for all hardware and devices.  I think that they will release the device for Verizon only and then after a year or even right away, it will be available on AT&T.

I am excited to see what happens.  This Fall, after my wife’s contract expires, should be our iPhone & service change.  I am not excited about having AT&T, my favorite carrier comes in a different color; however, I know my hardware needs & can see the solution in the iPhone.

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