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My Food Addiction, The Begining

I have heard so many times that one should write about what they know.  The only thing that I know best is my life, and what better way could I add to my own site than to write more about myself & the things that I have struggled with and the glorious things that I have witnesses & enjoyed!  The one thing that has been on my mind most and most recently is my battle with my weight.

When I was younger than 8 years old, I was a pretty active kid.  I had won first place in several Field Day activities and other events.  Then, when living overseas, I got hit by a car proving my bravado & speed  – to myself.  It was a busy street, like a (US) State Highway through a good sized town.  I was taken to a German hospital and over time, I healed from the broken leg.

I didn’t heal from the pain and hurt that atrophied muscles bring.  I was a kid and didn’t understand, Mimi & Papa tried to get me to see that if I would get back out there & play, I would be fine.  Instead, I discovered food, books, and TV.  They turned out to be a heavy combination.

By the time I entered Junior in High School, I was buying food and sneaking it into the house.  I was snitching things that were specifically put aside for my Father, who happened to be a diabetic.  It would take me years to understand what I was really doing to myself and years more to do something about it.

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