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Mobile Moving towards Freedom

I didn’t have time to work on this yesterday, but I felt it was noteworthy and wanted to bring it forward. Darren Waters from the BBC who writes the dot.life blog had an interview with Andy Rubin of Google and got a demo of Android [which is still in Alpha].

I am really looking forward to seeing how Android shapes the future of Mobile Phones and Mobile Computing [which the iPhone has really pushed to the forefront]. I am really excited to see [hands on] what the software will be capable of doing. With the expected changes [Verizon & AT&T opening their Wireless Networks] coming this year, I hope to see both AT&T and Verizon pick this up when it is a finished and polished product. It will also be interesting to see where and how other coders and system hackers implement the software. With open Wi-Fi becoming more pervasive and the availability of systems like the ASUS Eee PC, PSP, iPhone, and Nokia’s [N800] Internet Tablet; we may see system hacks that revolutionize the Mobile Phone/Computing markets.

I know that whatever happens, we are moving into exciting times. Now, if I could get the iPhone [without having to hack it] on my preferred wireless carrier.

iron wil


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