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Confession, Like you couldn’t Tell

Today, I watched the MacWorld Keynote for the first time and I loved the whole thing. I don’t know . . . probably just the reality distortion field . . .

This was the first time I have watched a Keynote. Despite Steve’s mistakes [which were a big deal to some], I really enjoyed his enthusiasm about the new Apple products.

My confession . . . I am a Mac Fanboy. Yeah, My friends have threatened intervention and my Bloodbrother has let me know that I have chosen the Dark Side of the Force. In my journey this last year to the Mac Platform I have come across a few challenges. My wife has adapted well, she is downloading her own apps [applications] and finding things for the 2 year old.

Speaking of which, I can’t begin to describe how much I really like the parental controls for the Mac granted #1 is still to small for random page surfing, or getting eMail from strangers; however, his account is set and locked. We are giving him time on it and putting him on sites like StarFall. Which he loves.

We are discovering new things about it regularly. It may or may not be perfect; but it is a great platform. No, I won’t go into all it’s glory. I don’t like to pontificate.

iron wil