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The Z9, 3 times the Bluetooth

A few months ago I started doing research for a new Bluetooth headset. My first was a Plantronics Explorer 320, I got it two years ago when I got my Treo 700p. It worked very well until I broke the ear hook off playing on the floor with my boy. I went a long time without getting a new one because of the cost. I just couldn’t justify the cost.

I have struggled in the decision of getting a new one. At first I was not sure what I wanted, but then in my research I came across the Z9. This headset is small enough to fit into my fifth pants pocket [or change pocket]. It can connect to three different devices, it has memory banks. I have paired mine with my Treo, my Mac, and my wife’s phone. I have had a little trouble with getting it to connect with my iMac every time. I have not had any trouble with the phones.

The physical features include a thin clear plastic ear hook, which works with my glasses, and a small ear bud that rests on the inside on my ear. The main body might be an inch long and half an inch wide and maybe a 1/4 of an inch thick. The Z9 has three buttons, on/off and volume up and down, there are many different button combinations that will allow you to perform different actions, including turning of the blue flashing light. Another small feature is a shirt clip on the inside of the headset.

It comes with two charging cords, one for USB and one for the wall socket. The cable connects into the back of the ear piece between the main body and the bud.

I give it 4.5 stars.

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