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Skype and a Conference Call

The other night I connected my Bluetooth headset [a BlueAnt Z9] to my iMac and I was chatting with my #2 brother via Skype. I called his cell phone and he was on the other line with our youngest brother, so I told him that I would start a conference call. It was easy! I opened the conference call window and clicked on the phone numbers and clicked the next or start conference call button [I don’t remember what it is called].

In about a second, it transitioned my call window to a triple stacked call window showing each person and what kind of volume Skype was getting. The bar graph lit up green when someone talked. I loved it and was impressed by how quickly it transitioned from a normal call to a conference call. It didn’t put my #2 brother on hold while I added my #3 brother to the call. I was able to carry on the conversation the whole time!!!

I have to admit that the more I use Skype the more I love it! We have been using it for the last 2 months to video call my parents who live out of state. This allows the boy to ‘see’ his grandparents. They, meaning the boy, Mimi, and Papa, really get a kick out of it. It is also nice to be able to chat and see my parents, however I feel it is much more important for the boy to connect to his grandparents. Skype lets it all happen with a camera and microphone [another reason I love Mac systems – built in iSight camera and microphone – woot woot!!].

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BlueAnt is an Australian company that creates some awesome Bluetooth tools like the Z9 and the X5! Look for my upcoming review of the Z9.

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