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I, Wrote

I play Superman . . .

I play Superman to so many people,
world’s greatest Ring Master w/out a circus in town –
you always look right through me
when I’m playing the Clown.

I have my bag of tricks and you know them all,
watched me perfect them
still I wear my cape so often, I can’t find my glasses or my tie.

It is a sad little lie,
and . . .
still I play Superman to so many people –

You help me find my glasses and
straighten my wind blown hair,
fix my tie for me –
you help me be the boy they raised;
move past the facade and still be brave.

Yet, I still play Superman to so many people –
you always smiled at me
and helped me put my feet back on the ground.

When I go back the Cape comes out
and I play the Big Blue Boy Scout.

wil becker

Creative Commons License

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