This is Your Life

A few weeks ago I came across Michael Hyatt and his This is Your Life podcast., his co-host is Michele Cushatt. Michael and Michele deliver great content! I was a bit unsure about it at first. I found it because, I was looking for a new mentor to add to my repertoire for weekly listening and edification.

I listened to a podcast then downloaded everything that he had in the feed, over 80 podcasts! I hand picked some episodes up to season 3. I then listened to those one offs and moved on to Season 4. Three episodes are now saved in my podcast app, they are; Season 4 Episode 8: Goal Setting for Beginners, Season 7 Episode 7: 6 Strategies to become a Better Conversationalist, and Season 7 Episode 11: Ways to Build Trust with Your Tribe. There are many, many other good episodes and I really have been drinking in his thoughts and ideas! I have gained insight into how to do things better for this site and my FB page.

I have also picked up his free eBook “Shave 10 Hours Off your Workweek”, which I am looking forward to reading and I have put his book “Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want” in my audible wish list for my next read. If you are looking for a really great podcast to provide you with ideas on leadership, self-improvement, self-motivation, writing tips, platform management, and a host of other topics to improve your work life balance; I recommend that you subscribe to his podcast and use his experiences and stories to help you work through your own challenges! In the latest episode, Michael said he listens to Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish’s 10xTalk podcast. Get this one too! I started with The Power of Your Personal Story and this episode is off the hook!!

iron wil

Life’s a Dance

This song was popular many years ago when I was a teen. I am not sure where I heard it first … which doesn’t matter really. It is however part of my personal playlist, songs that are attached to personal and poignant times.

The lesson that I take from this song, is that life is learned as one goes along. If we are lucky, we might have someone that acts as a mentor and can help us learn and avoid mistakes. Sometimes that person is a parent, teacher, church leader, or neighbor. He could be a coworker or even a boss. The concept is that if we are willing to be humble and teachable, we can find mentors and enlist them to our cause. I have been able to find mentors that have helped me through tough personal times and that have helped me navigate difficult office politics. My college advisor was also a mentor, he constantly encouraged us (there were 3 of us friends) to reach for high goals, he also encouraged us to start a student organization on our campus. While we left because of another professor, the organization we put in place was strong and thriving when I last checked on it.

I have found mentors in good books and holy scripture, while they couldn’t always speak to me and offer me words of encouragement; I was able to learn from them and overcome personal and professional challenges. The dancing is life, which needs to be negotiated like a dance floor. We should be aware of our surroundings and the “lay of the land”; always “reading” those around us and working to make personal improvements. One of the hardest aspects of changing is that those we are closest to may not understand or accept our metamorphosis. In some instances that means we have to let go of that partner and move on. They may still be part of our lives (especially family) and it doesn’t mean that we have to cast them off; it may mean we have to spend less time with them until they can accept the path that we have chosen.

iron wil